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Karolinka Today

Karolinka changed very quickly after becoming independent. Step by step the town built a public water and sewage system, street lighting, sidewalks, local roads, and many public and residential buildings. The construction of the reservoir (1975 - 1986) was another important step in history of Karolinka. Along with 12 new apartment blocks, with a total of 144 apartments, many single-family houses had to be constructed for the residents who lived in the area where the reservoir was to be built. Today, the reservoir supplies drinking water to almost the entire district of Vsetín as well as a part of Zlín.

Today´s Karolinka, with its newly renovated town square and town hall, offers something for everyone. Some local must-sees in Karolinka are:

  • Gallery of Ilja Hartinger - A well-known local artist has his gallery in his place of birth and hometown. The gallery is situated in the middle of the town opposite the town hall.
  • Ongoing Glass Exhibition on the first floor of the town hall - glass mainly made in the Glass factory in Karolinka and by the Moser company.
  • Glass Factory - private visits to the glass factory may be arranged in advance by telephone.
  • Glass Gallery Charlota - Previously a small glass factory.
  • The Czech Republic´s biggest Statue of the Madonna - with its 253 cm, it is the biggest statue of the Madonna in the Czech Republic and stands in the Church of St. Maria Karmelská in Karolinka.
  • Traditional Historical Cottages - a group of 21 historical cottages are situated in the valley called "Raťkov". The cottages surround a well-known restaurant Raťkovský šenk, where you can sample the local cuisine.
  • Reservoir - From the reservoir, you have an amazing view of Karolinka.
  • Ski Slops with Lift (in winter) - Enjoy our newly renovated ski lift with lighting, offering night skiing under the stars.

Every year, the town of Karolinka, together with other institutions, organizes many interesting events such as the Glass Fair, Christmas Market, Beskyd Rallye (a rally for historic cars), exhibitions, and so on.

Karolinka, surrounded by natural beauty, fresh air, spectacular views from the surrounding hills, and offering peace and quiet, is an attractive destination for tourists.




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Town Hall of Karolinka

Radniční náměstí č. 42
756 05 Karolinka


ID data box: fgcby4a


secretary office:571 450 421



Information centre:

739 322 851